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Saying of Wisdom

Sayings of Wisdom (SOWIT)

To promote the positive message, English Department and English Environment Promotion Team (EEPT) adopted the materials supported by the EDB and shared different videos with the students. After watching each of the videos, students were encouraged to finish a worksheet for accumulating scores for the final prize by the end of the school year. Check out one of the videos we created for our students:



Photos of activities

English Day2023-05-17
The 2nd Hong Kong School Chinese and English Handwriting Competition2023-01-18
The 2nd Hong Kong School Chinese and English Handwriting Competition This year we had collected more entries from our students. It showed that students were much more conscious about the art of cursive style. Some of the students even asked for a second (or third) trial for the best submission! Thanks to the school art teacher who spent a couple hours screening the pieces and shortlisted a number of students for the semi-final. Here are the winners: Junior Forms Class & Name Rank 3L Ng Pan Shuen Champion 3S Chan Tsz Ching 1st runner-up 3N Yan Pui Yan 2nd runner-up 1D Cheung Sze Maan Outstanding 1D Cheung Yui Ki Outstanding Senior Forms Class & Name Rank 5N Cheung Tsz Ching Champion 6L Man Ching 1st runner-up 5N Chen Nga Sze 2nd runner-up 5S Lo Yu Hin Outstanding 5N Leung Lok Ting Outstanding 6L Man Ching managed to get into the final round and received the Outstanding Award. Congratulations!
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