Through co-curricular activities, students' self-esteem and self-confidence can be enhanced, their sense of responsibility and sense of belonging can be cultivated. Also, joining different activities can improve their self-discipline, and foster a spirit of mutual respect among students in order to enable them to achieve a fruitful campus life and learn how to get along with others.

We also encourage students to participate in service-oriented activities to promote the spirit to serve in De La Salle. Teachers will also organize co-curricular activities through subject committees to increase students' interest in relevant subjects and enhance the academic atmosphere in campus.



Diversified Activities

The co-curricular activities in our school mainly include large-scale school activities, sports activities, club activities, subject-based learning activities, personal growth activities, and activities organized by individual classes to cater the needs of different students.

School-wide Activities
We have held different School-wide large-scale activities, include the Leadership Training Program for senior form students, Student Union elections, school trips, singing contest, charity and community service days, Christmas celebrations, post-exam activities, lectures and talks, and volunteer service in different forms.

Sports Activities
With the goal of diversified development, students are encouraged to actively participate in the activities and to showcase their strengths in order to nurture their sports talents. The main sports events throughout the year include sports day, inter-school competitions (such as swimming, track and field, cross country racing, basketball, soccer, volleyball, handball, badminton, rugby, and table tennis etc.), the Best Athlete Election, and inter-class ball games etc. Students can participate in different sports activities according to their abilities.



Club Activities

Club activities can be mainly divided into different categories: Service, Religious, Academic, Interest, Art and Sports.

Service clubs include Lasallian Youth Association, Flag-raising Team, Scouts, Red Cross, Junior Police Call, Youth Volunteer Team, Volunteer Team, Student Production Team in Campus TV and co-curricular activity student groups.

Religious group are composed of Catholic student associations.

Academic groups include Chinese Club, English Club, Mathematics Club, Science Club, Geography Club, Economics Club, National History Club, Reading Society, Maker Group, and Debate Team.

Interest groups include Chess Club, Gardening Club, Calligraphy Club, Home Economics Club, and Photography Club.

Art groups include Fine Arts Club, Choir, Vocal Class, Violin Class, Ukulele Class, Guzheng Class, Percussion Group, Guitar Class, English Folk Song Group, Dance Group, and Drama Club.

Sports Teams include Sports Society, Archery Team, Dragon and Lion Dance Team, Taekwondo Team, Fencing Team, Dance Group, and various types of sports teams.

Other activities

Include events organized by class associations, student union, subject committees, alumni association, or parent-teacher association.


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