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In 2003, after more than a decade of inactivity, De La Salle Alumni Association was back in action with the support of a group of committed old boys.  Currently, we hold a membership of about 450 and are continuously growing in strength.

Our committee, which is elected by all members every two years, comes from all walks of life – tertiary education, management of listed companies, civil service, finance and commerce and etc.. Committee meetings are held in quarterly basis and the school principal is regularly invited to join the meetings to keep us informed of the latest development of the school.

We serve as a liaison between the school and the alumni.  We also maintain a close contact with other alumni associations of the Lasallian schools in Hong Kong so that friendship and co-operation could be promoted amongst fellow Lasallians.

We are keen to support the school and the current students who are our “younger brothers and sisters”. We are aware that many current students are new immigrants from the mainland and are from families that are less well-off.  We set to unite and support the well-being of the current students both financially and spiritually, in the light of Fides et Caritas.



The De La Salle Alumni Association was officially established in 1994 and is the only alumni organization approved by DLS.

At the same time, the alumni association was officially registered as a limited company, named De La Salle Alumni Association Limited, with the aim of promoting the future development of the association in a more standardized and institutionalized way. The association hopes to receive more support from alumnus, thank you.









委員:鄭泰民先生(右九)、曹紹民校長 (左四)、盧國輝博士

Address: Kam Tsin Village, Sheung Shui, N.T.
Tel: 2670 0443
Fax: 2679 0161
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