The Academic Board is responsible for planning and promoting the school's educational affairs, including coordinating teaching work in various fields of study and planning cross-disciplinary activities and work.


Dean of the Board (Chairman), team heads of 7 subjects (Chinese, English, Mathematics, Science, Technology, Humanities and Physical Education), head of examination team, other learning experience coordinators and school administration and management system team leaders. The leader of each learning area is appointed by the school.

Our work

Our mother language, Cantonese, is the major medium of instruction at school. At the same time, we implement the "Extended English Learning Activities" (ELA) in the junior form by promoting English activities in different subjects to enhance the English contexts. We also implement small class teaching to enhance the effectiveness of learning and teaching.

In the three-year plan starting from 2014, our focus of learning and teaching is on the strategies of promoting active learning, including cultivating students' habits on studying so as to improve their learning motivation and effectiveness. On the other hand, improving students' learning skills can help improve students' learning efficacy.

Our objectives this year is to improve students' confidence in learning, including their learning ability and motivation. Our specific concerns in cultivation of learning habits include:

  • Encourage students to complete their homework
  • Facilitate students to develop the habit of preparing for lesson
  • Encourage students to do revision daily 
  • Establish students' habit of taking notes in class

Therefore, we have initiated a "Study Promotion Team", which is responsible for preparing weekly assembly and campus TV programs to promote the learning atmosphere, and also responsible for the academic rewards and punishments. We hope to improve students' learning motivation and self-confidence, and thus to improve the learning atmosphere in school.

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