Cafe de La Salle' activity

2023-11-22 (Wednesday)
Category : 學校活動
The English Environment Promotion Team hosted the first 'Cafe de la Salle' activity in this school year on 22/11/2023. The team collaborated with the Inclusive Education Team and Home Economics Club on an activity aimed at boosting students’ interest in learning English through the practical experience of a lively coffee shop. In the morning campus TV, students learned about the different types of coffee and could already practice ordering in English, simultaneously filling in worksheets about the topic. Over 120 students eagerly participated in the events during lunchtime and after school submitting their completed worksheets to receive free cups of coffee and puddings in the Ground Hall. This incentive motivated students to use English to communicate with the student helpers, teachers and with each other, thus, preparing them to utilize English in future real life situations.
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